pat the wok posturer

So I fed the phrase "speak truth to power" into the anagram generator and, not having the rest of the year free to fool around with this project, stopped after only a small fraction of the possible results from rearranging the letters of "speak truth to power" had been produced. But they are enough.

Some have the air of headlines

operetta whops turk
sawteeth rot up pork
poets put earthwork

Some are reminiscent of antique poetry

o pup toke thwarters (poem for a K9 drug sniffer dog)
o peepshow tart turk

Some of the combinations conjure up amusing mental pictures

photostat purr week
the toe pup artworks
hot perk waterspout
tot rut ark peepshow
hot wok pus patterer
aw pot husk potterer
the two uke rapports
how to kept raptures
tot put wok reshaper

Short story in comprehensible pidgin

we tap turk hoopster
kraut hoopster wept

Another short story

o what kept posturer?
ow posturer kept hat
ha posturer kept two
sawtooth kept purer
wop taketh posturer

Another short story

prophets wake trout
prophets wake tutor
prophets uke or twat?
sputterer took whap
preheats put to work
pretaste put ho work
rheostat kept row up
rotators kept hew up
uprooters kept what?

Another short story

the prostate workup
raptures kept hot ow

Of course there are the inevitable questions

ask potterer how put?
prop what outstroke?

Some rearrangements of "speak truth to power" are eerily appropriate

the stout paperwork
test thou paperwork
thus tote paperwork
pert wrath outspoke
woke that supporter
what protestor puke?
set up top earthwork
housework trapt pet
how kaput protester
supporter taketh ow
tweak hot supporter
pet put at workhouse
puke top o thwarters
perk up, attestor who…
posturer to pet hawk
what toke supporter?
purports owe taketh

And one is my very favorite

praetors kept ow hut