Things I Made

The Ghostly Hand - how to make one. Get a roll of fiberglass casting material, wet it, and arrange it artistically. You'll be wearing gloves, of course. Hold onto the composition with one hand while the fiberglass sets.Carefully slide out of the glove and then blow air into the glove and tie it off.

This papier mache' dragon mask was made for a First Night celebration, that's the New Year's Eve alternative program that some cities sponsor. There was a body, too, made from halves of hula hoops for ribs, with cloth fastened over them. Several little kids could hold the plastic ribs and make up the body of the many-legged dragon.

Bouquet of Smiles: Cut the smiles from magazine pictures, paste onto cardboard stems, and stand up in a pot filled with kitty litter for ballast. What could be simpler? Makes a nice gift item especially for a hospital patient: these flowers don't die.

Blue Mask

X-rated Cookies: "The Sweetest Pussy You'll Ever Eat."


Chunky Munky said…
I get the breasts but what's the other upside down heart asks your gay friend who once mistook a neighbor's girlfriend in the throes of passion for a catfight at 3am.