Crafty Christmas Tree Ornaments


It's hard to believe, but a lot of these Christmas tree ornaments sold at a co-op gallery, and I gave others for gifts. The thing is, I had a lousy camera and knew nothing about taking pictures. The other thing is, this is a great cheap craft that comes out looking pretty good. You might already have fabric scraps, paints, glue, and canceled postage stamps with Christmas designs. Styrofoam balls, sequins, beads, trim, and pins need to be bought, and caches of these items can often be found at yard sales. The loops to hang them from, I got them at the hardware store, probably for cheaper than craft-store prices.

One lucky find, at a fabric store, was a long strip of gauzy, almost transparent material with peace signs embroidered on it in white. When cut up, it fit perfectly with 4 peace signs per each ornament. I added colored embroidery before fastening the strip around the ornament.