A Moment from "Reign"

The King of France has killed a prostitute, and disposal of the body is discussed by the Queen and the much younger official mistress, who is anxious to report the crime. The Queen says,

The King already knows. Who else would we tell?
There you have it.  Buried within Season 1 Episode 15 of the captivating TV series Reign is this little vignette (at 10:26) that says everything about the moment we inhabit. Although the story is set in the mid-1500s, it is profoundly symbolic of our times.

We live under a corrupt reign that really is unacceptable, although we seem to be accepting it. A lot of things need to be reported. If only there were a kindly, fair-minded and omnipotent parent to report them to, who would make everything all right.

But when corruption lives in the judges, the police, the legislature (to name just a few), we are in the medieval castle with someone they killed, and justice is not within reach.

The King already knows. Who else would we tell?